Peter Preovolos


Peter Preovolos, APA, RIA, AIFA, PPC

Chairman Emeritus

A founder of PenChecks, Inc., Peter Preovolos has enjoyed a long and very successful career in the employee benefits industry. It began in 1966 at Wells Fargo Bank, where he was soon promoted to head up the bank’s employee benefit trust administration and asset management services. In 1974 he joined Southern California First National Bank as Vice President in charge of statewide employee benefit services. In 1979, he left the banking industry and became CEO of Alpha & Omega Financial Management Consulting Inc, a third-party administration (TPA) and asset management firm. In 1994 he and 20 other TPAs joined forces in forming PenChecks, Inc. where he was elected President of the PenChecks family of companies.

An acknowledged leader in the pension benefits distribution field, Peter holds professional designations as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and an Accredited Pension Administrator (APA). He is one of approximately 300 people in the U.S. to earn the prestigious credential of Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analysts (AIFA).

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