Outsource Distribution Processing for Institutional Service Providers

At PenChecks, we understand the complex requirements of institutional distribution processing, and we design our retirement plan distributions solutions to meet them. Combining industry-leading compliance expertise with innovative technology platforms, we offer a full range of benefits distribution services that support institutional class volume processing. We also provide dedicated, U.S-based call center support to handle large participant populations.

Acting as your retirement plan distribution partner, PenChecks helps you:

  • Focus on core business opportunities
  • Outsource distribution processing
  • Access customizable lead generation
  • Retain more assets under management
  • Present a private label product

Cost-Effective, Compliant Institutional Distribution Processing

Thanks to PenChecks’ high volume and operational efficiencies, we can streamline your entire institutional distribution process. We handle all the compliance and ongoing processing tasks so you can establish a more consistent and efficient workflow with your staff.

Focus on Your Core Business

PenChecks’ entire outsource distribution processing model is designed to help you offload the time-consuming, cumbersome tasks that consume valuable resources and reduce employee productivity. By taking these responsibilities off your plate, we enable your staff to build core competencies and focus on new client acquisition and other critical revenue-generating activities.

Outsource Distribution Processing

As your trusted retirement plan distribution partner, PenChecks can assume all check writing responsibilities for your organization. No matter how big your daily, weekly or monthly output, our scaleable technologies and processing design can easily handle your distribution processing needs. More important, your funds can remain in-house while PenChecks processes the benefits.

Customizable Lead Generation

To help protect your rollover dollars from transferring elsewhere, PenChecks’ outsource distribution processing model includes automatic lead generation. Using our proprietary distribution system, these leads can be easily customized – from type and size of distribution to the amount of lead time required for follow-up – to meet your organization’s needs.

Retain Valuable Assets Under Management

As part of our regular benefits distribution processing, we can help you maintain and build your assets under management in two important ways:

  1. By efficiently streamlining lead generation for all distributions
  2. By offering preferred rollover investment options to you and the plan provider

Best of all, these lead generation services are completely customizable!

The best way to stop participant distribution dollars from transferring elsewhere is to have an advisor contact each participant before they receive a distribution. That’s why the PenChecks institutional distribution processing platform has automatic lead generation built into it as part of our core capabilities. Furthermore, we can customize our lead generation to identify and maximize the opportunities your advisors would want to take advantage of.

For example, many times retirement plan distributions fall below a desired lead generation threshold. In these cases, PenChecks can build specific rollover options directly into the participant benefit election process that make it attractive and easy for participants to keep their funds with your institution.

Private Label Options

At PenChecks, we recognize that retirement plan distributions are only one part of the many services your institution provides. That’s why all our products and services can be private labeled to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, software and web interfaces and support your marketing look and feel. Everything from a participant call center experience to the paper checks we process can be customized to meet your specific needs and those of your pension plan partners.

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