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Welcome to PenChecks Trust, the largest independent processor of outsourced retirement plan distribution services in the country. If you received an IRS Tax Form 5498 or 1099-R, see below for more information about these forms.

But first, check out this short video to see the most common reason why PenChecks Trust may have an account for you.


How PenChecks Trust Ended Up With An Account For You

If you’ve been directed by your retirement plan sponsor to contact PenChecks Trust about your account, you may be wondering how we came to be the custodian of your assets. This short video shows what can happen to retirement accounts when employees leave their employers, and shows how PenChecks helps, and how you can initiate the process to reclaim your retirement funds.

Form 5498 Information

What is a Form 5498?
Why You Received a 5498 from PenChecks

Form 1099-R Information

What is a Form 1099-R?
Why You Received a 1099-R from PenChecks

Recipients of Both Forms (5498 and 1099-R)

Why You Received a 5498 and a 1099-R from PenChecks

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Form 5498 Recipients
Form 1099-R Recipients
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