Who We Help

Your Trusted Outsource Distribution Services Provider

As the leader in benefit distribution processing, our job is to make your job easier and more efficient. That’s why PenChecks Trust™ helps you create secure, compliant, cost-effective solutions for everything from lump sum payouts to recurring benefits, IRA rollovers and complete solutions for handling missing participants, uncashed checks, abandoned plans and more.

A trusted advisor to retirement plan advisors, TPAs, financial institutions and plan sponsors, our knowledge, expertise, and innovative technology solutions help you lower operating costs, reduce or eliminate compliance risks, and save valuable time that can be better applied to achieving your business goals.

Partner with PenChecks for All Your Retirement Asset Distribution Needs

At PenChecks, we do more than distribute retirement plan assets. We help free up your staff’s time and resources to work on more productive processes. We reduce your risk by handling the compliance associated with processing plan distributions. Our high volume and operational efficiency reduce your cost of benefits distribution management. And our experienced team helps you establish a more consistent and efficient workflow.

Family owned and fiercely independent, we serve the following clients:


Our industry-leading compliance expertise and reliable technology platforms support the complex requirements of national service providers.

  • Focus on core business opportunities
  • Outsource distribution processing
  • Access customizable lead generation
  • Retain more assets under management
  • Present a private label product


Third-Party Administrators

We handle the tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with complicated distribution processing so that you don’t have to.

  • Distribution processing
  • Lead generation
  • Streamlined business operations



We support your role in working with third party administrators, plan sponsors, and retirement plan participants through:

  • IRA rollover solutions
  • Lead generation
  • Streamlined business operations
  • Tools to build relationships and maintain assets



The leader in retirement plan distributions, we can process any type of payment on your behalf. We offer expert guidance on:

  • Distributions and terminating plans
  • Tax payments and filings
  • Participant communication
  • Plan sponsor and participant assistance



We give retirement plan participants the highest quality experience through:

  • Simple, fast online benefit elections
  • Expert guidance and education on benefit elections
  • Personal IRA rollover options
  • Protection of participant benefits


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