TPA Onboarding Materials

PenChecks Pay Portal
Understanding the main screen and dashboard of p3
Access Reports
How to add a plan distribution in p3
Setup a missing participant/Auto Rollover IRA
How to add additional users
PenChecks TPA Toolkit
Letter to Plan Sponsor – This sample letter serves as a communication piece to send to your Plan Sponsor client with respect to PenCheck’s Participant Search services, Auto Rollover IRA and Missing Participant IRA services
PenChecks Plan Sponsor Collateral – Marketing Material that can be sent to your clients that have questions about our key services, Distribution processing PenChecks Distribution Services and Automatic Rollover IRAs
PenChecks Trust Company of America Client Agreement – Contains extensive details and guidelines regarding the client agreement between Plan Sponsor/TPA and PenChecks Trust. This can be signed by your Plan Sponsors and kept in your records
Statement of Services – Document highlighting the costs and fees for each service provided by PenChecks
P3 Plan Sponsor Plan Bulk Upload Sheet – Template for TPAs to assist them in uploading all their Plan Sponsors. This process will bulk upload your plans to P3 as opposed to inputting them individually.
Template for Participants Search Services – Tired of searching for Missing Participants? Use this template for listing out your missing participants and we’ll perform advanced searches on any former employees who may be lost or non-responsive
Distribution bulk upload template – Document template for you to assist in listing multiple participant distributions. List will be bulk uploaded to P3 as opposed to being inputted individually by you.
PenChecks IRA Rewards Program – If interested, PenChecks will pay a $10 dollar IRA Reward for each Missing Participant or Automatic Rollover IRAs you establish, as long as certain conditions are met. The $10 dollars is paid annually for the life of the IRA.
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