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Susan Troiano, Loan and Withdrawal Supervisor

I feel a huge sense of relief working with PenChecks. They do a great job at efficiently processing a lot of 1099R’s as well as Federal/State withholding payments so we don’t have to worry that it gets done right. PenChecks saves me time and lets me refocus on other projects that add value to our clients in different ways. I would strongly recommend working with PenChecks.

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December 17, 2015 at 10:34 am, Antonio said:

Your picture cnrfioms for me something that’s been niggling at me with my own broilers are they feathering less than they used to a few years ago? Many of mine look much like the guy above kind of patchy in the feather department. I plucked a couple by hand last week for our own use and found it to be a much faster job than usual, too. I thought at the time maybe I’d finally just got the knack of it, but I think it could be there’s just less to pluck.


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