Participant Searches

The Experts in Missing Participant Searches

Searching for missing participants can be a time consuming and frustrating process when making retirement plan distributions or terminating a plan. PenChecks Trust helps Institutions, TPAs, Advisors and Plan Sponsors save time and money by reuniting missing participants with their retirement savings through our ongoing search efforts.

As the premier and original provider of comprehensive missing participant solutions for retirement plans, we’ve been offering cost-effective search services for more than two decades. In the process, we’ve reunited thousands of plan participants with their retirement assets while making it easier for plan sponsors to make distributions, move unclaimed funds out of their plans, and terminate plans according to DOL and IRS regulations.

We Do the Searching for You

PenChecks Trust can perform advanced searches on any former employees who may be lost or non-responsive. This includes querying of more than 10,000 public record databases and the U.S. Postal Service National Change of Address (NCOA) database. Thanks to our experienced staff and efficient technologies, meaningful search results can be returned in a number of formats within 48 hours.

PenChecks can also register missing plan participants in the National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits Database. This free, online public service is available 24/7 and can be anonymously searched on the web by former employees to help them find lost or forgotten retirement accounts.

For even more convenience and efficiency, you can take advantage of PenChecks’ bundled missing participant services that include valuable processing and time-saving services in addition to just employee searches. PenChecks can also handle the process of sending out benefit election notices to the most current addresses available and offering plan participants the opportunity to claim their funds. Participants who respond can take advantage of PenChecks’ seamless, online benefit election submission system for a fast, safe and convenient way to receive their money.

If participants can’t be located, PenChecks provides innovative Default IRA solutions to help you properly manage the funds in accordance with DOL Safe Harbor regulations.

You’ve got better things to do than chase missing participants and manage unclaimed accounts. Our Missing Participant solutions can take these unwanted tasks off your plate so your staff can spend more time serving your clients and growing your business.

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