The fast, intuitive, and easy-to-use benefit election site for participants.

How We Help Plan Participants

Powered by PenChecks, puts you in control of your payment elections. We want to make the process simple, easy and transparent. From selecting a payment method to tracking the status of your distribution, carefully outlines your options at every step of the process.

With, you can:

  • View your benefits
  • Quickly update personal information
  • Follow a guided flow to submit payment instructions
  • Select your desired tax withholdings (if allowed)*
  • Choose from multiple payment methods
  • Create a private, secure password to easily log back in to monitor the status of your distribution
  • Have full transparency of your distribution status

*Tax withholding options vary depending on the distribution, the state you live in and other factors.

Always know the status of your distributions.

Why is PenChecks Processing Your Distribution?

Many times, employers and retirement plan service providers designate PenChecks Trust as the retirement account custodian for former employees that are entitled to a distribution. As a custodian, PenChecks processes your distribution or establishes an Automatic Rollover IRA on your behalf, ensuring compliance with applicable DOL and IRS regulations until you claim your funds.

If you were directed to PenChecks by a former employer, our short video will explain one of the most common reasons you have an account with PenChecks and your options for claiming your hard-earned funds.”

VIDEO: Do We Have Your Money?


Reclaim Your Retirement Funds from PenChecks Trust. Learn more.

Have you been directed to PenChecks Trust by your retirement plan sponsor? If so, you may be wondering how PenChecks came to be the custodian of your account. We’ve created a short video that explains what happened to your assets after leaving your former employer, and how you can initiate the process to reclaim your retirement funds.


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