Stay Current on Retirement Plan Issues with PenChecks Expert Online Webinars

Welcome to our financial webinars Expert Series.

These 30-minute online webinars for institutional service providers, independent pension professionals, and retirement plan sponsors share insights and updates on the challenges and opportunities regarding a multitude of current issues. Recent topics include uncashed pension benefits checks, automatic rollovers, terminated plans, and debit cards. We hope these expert financial seminars will help you better understand complex retirement plan issues and provide a framework for improving service and responsiveness to your clients.

Each online webinar discusses the current state of the topic and suggests best practices to help you meet your responsibilities and enhance your client experience.

  • EPCRS Voluntary Correction Program (VCP)

    Different from the SCP in several important ways, the VCP helps correct retirement plan mistakes that could put the plan’s tax-favored status at risk. Note: The IRS has changed the VCP filing fees since this video was recorded. The correct fees can be found on the IRS web site.

    Presented by: Brian Furgala, ERISA attorney for the law firm of Gray-Robinson.

  • EPCRS Self-Correction Program (SCP)

    Learn how to correct retirement plan mistakes without IRS involvement. Make your business stand out by using SCP to provide superior client service.

    Presented by: Brian Furgala, ERISA attorney for the law firm of Gray-Robinson.

  • IRS Correction Programs: Part I – Overview of EPCRS

    Learn how the IRS EPCRS program helps correct retirement plan mistakes, avoid IRS sanctions and keep plans compliant.

    Presented by: Brian Furgala, ERISA attorney for the law firm of Gray-Robinson.

  • Meet the Expert:

    Brian Furgala, ERISA attorney for the law firm of Gray-Robinson

  • Using Your Brain To Win

    Presented as part of ASPPA’s webcast education program, nationally known leadership expert Holly Green combines her leadership experience with the latest in neuroscience to illustrate how using your brain more effectively can help you make better decisions that lead to even greater business success.

  • The Myth of Multi-tasking

    Presented as part of ASPPA’s webcast education program, business coach and time management expert Dave Crenshaw explains how the concept of multitasking is actually a lie that works against our productivity and damages relationships at work and at home.

  • LeaderMetrics Part 1

    Presented by: Don Trone, GFS®

  • Making the Case for Prepaid Cards in Retirement Plan Distributions

    State and federal governments now distribute benefits via prepaid cards. Learn how recipients and service providers benefit from greater speed, security, and convenience.

    Presented by: Andy Phillips, CEO, CardFlex, Inc., Bob Ridley, Esq., Farmer and Ridley LLP, and Peter Preovolos, President, PenChecks

  • What Trustees in Bankruptcy Need to Know About Pension Plans Discussion Focus:

    Learn about new and emerging issues regarding liabilities and responsibilities in qualified plan terminations. Understand the concerns in dealing with abandoned or terminated plans.

    Presented by: Marcia Wagner, Esq., Managing Director, Wagner Law Group and Mike McWherter, Chief Compliance Officer, PenChecks

  • What Every Service Provider Needs to Know About the Risk of Uncashed Checks

    Understand the risks associated with retirement distributions that go uncashed. Improve your organization’s approach to current cases, and create better processes to avoid future liability and costs.

    Presented by: David N. Levine, Esq., Principal, Groom Law Group and Peter Preovolos, President, PenChecks

  • Use Automatic Rollovers and Missing Participant IRAs to Improve Retirement Plan Performance

    Understand how the use of Default automatic rollovers and Missing Participant IRAs can help reduce plan costs and potential liabilities.

    Presented by: Bruce Ashton, Esq., Partner, Employee Benefits & Executive Comp. Group, Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP and Spiro Preovolos, Director of Sales and Marketing, PenChecks

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