Do We Have Your Money?

VIDEO: Do We Have Your Money?


Reclaim Your Retirement Funds from PenChecks Trust. Learn more.

Have you been directed to PenChecks Trust by your retirement plan sponsor? If so, you may be wondering how PenChecks came to be the custodian of your account. We’ve created a short video that explains what happened to your assets after leaving your former employer, and how you can initiate the process to reclaim your retirement funds.

Using a step-by-step, online system of intuitive prompts, you can complete all the required benefit election forms in just minutes and digitally sign and authorize them.
  • Seamless Benefit Distribution Processing

    Developed through years of expertise in pension benefit distribution processing, our benefit election website makes submitting benefit elections quick and simple. Available 24/7, the web site enables you to:
    • Log in using a safe, secure PIN
    • View your benefits and outstanding loan amounts
    • Update your contact information to ensure the most current information
    • Acknowledge the receipt and understanding of the 402(f) special tax notice and save or print for your records
    • Indicate their preferred rollover or lump sum benefit election
    • Select tax withholdings
    • Choose payment method (check, wire, ACH, etc.)
    • Digitally sign and authorize their payment

Multiple Distribution Options with Online Participant Benefit Election Process

When making their benefit elections, participants can select one of the following:
  • Roll your benefit over into an existing IRA
  • Roll your benefit over into a new employer plan
  • Receive a cash lump sum distribution
  • Receive a split distribution (combination of cash lump sum and rollover)
  • Review and elect all mandatory/voluntary federal and state tax withholdings as it relates to their benefit election
After selecting your benefits, you can choose from several payment and delivery options, including standard check, ACH, and overnight delivery.
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