PenChecks Thought Leadership

Over 20 Years of Standard-Setting Service and Results

thought_leadershipSince PenChecks Trust cut its first retirement distribution check in 1994, we have led the way in providing innovative retirement plan distribution services. More than two decades later, our commitment to delivering results to our customers and the industry as a whole is stronger than ever.

A History of Market Leadership

Since day one, PenChecks Trust has set the standard for innovative retirement plan distribution products and services. Our long list of pension plan distribution “firsts” includes:

  • First outsourced method for efficiently processing retirement plan distributions
  • First independent online benefit distribution processing system
  • First commercially available Missing Participant IRA Program
  • First online participant benefit election website
  • First automated solution for abandoned plans

Click here to see a full history of PenChecks Trust innovations.

Ongoing Education Keeps Our Industry Strong

As a pioneer in retirement distribution strategy, PenChecks Trust firmly believes that well-educated pension administrators are better equipped to safely and effectively guide their clients through the process of achieving their retirement plan goals. We support a well-educated industry in the following ways:

  • Scholarships. PenChecks is proud to partner with the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA) to offer the PenChecks Trust/ASPPA QKA Designation Scholarship, and the National Institute of Pension Administrators (NIPA) to offer the PenChecks Trust Accredited Pension Administrator Scholarship . These scholarships help ensure a steady source of well-trained benefits distribution professionals.
  • Thought Leadership. The PenChecks Trust Expert Series provides timely, informative content that compels discussion on a variety of industry and general business leadership topics. Our library includes:
    • Expert Webinar Series. Presented by leading industry experts, our PenChecks Trust™ Expert Webinar Series explores a diverse array of retirement plan topics, including automatic rollover IRAs, terminated plans, debit cards, and more. We also cover broader issues, such as multi-tasking and time management, to help broaden your leadership perspective. These no-cost webinars are archived for convenient 24/7 access by industry professionals and the general public.
    • Blogs, Articles and White Papers. Our growing library of downloadable blogs, articles and white papers explores a variety of current and emerging retirement plan distribution issues, including uncashed pension checks, Default IRAs, and abandoned plan regulatory requirements. We also invite contributions from other industry experts in order to generate a vibrant dialog around the most important issues of the day.

    As the world of financial services grows more complex, PenChecks Trust continues to expand the scope of our educational materials to include topics that go beyond the traditional boundaries of retirement plan distribution services. To keep abreast of these topics, visit our Learning Center.

    Tackling New Frontiers

    Ongoing innovation has been, and will continue to be, a hallmark of PenChecks Trust service. For example, in response to the rapidly growing trend of digital payments, we recently introduced the PenChecks Trust Prepaid VISA® Debit Card, the first of its kind in the retirement plan industry. Another recent advancement, the PenChecks Pay Portal (P3), enables plan providers, TPAs, and plan sponsors to streamline processes and procedures without requiring additional software to download or manage.

    Safe, secure and fully compliant, this groundbreaking online system lets you seamlessly request and manage distributions, generate reports on demand, process tax withholdings, issue 1099Rs and much more – all from one centralized easy-to-use website. And as new products, services, regulations and requirements come along, we will continue to adapt and update the portal to meet all your distribution processing needs.

    Superior Customer Service

    One thing that never changes at PenChecks Trust is our commitment to superior customer service. Since PenChecks Trust first opened for business, we have made fast, responsive customer service an integral part of who we are and what we do. We take great pride in being creative problem solvers. And we empower our customer service team to resolve your issues when you need them resolved. In doing so, we learn from our clients, which helps drive our unceasing innovation.

    As the retirement plan industry continues to evolve, you can rest assured that PenChecks Trust will continue to lead the way in providing the right benefit distribution solutions for you and your plan participants.

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