Plan Sponsor Onboarding Materials

PenChecks Pay Portal
How do I add a Plan Participant in P3?
How do I add a Plan Distribution in P3?
How do I set up a missing participant/auto rollover IRA?
How do I check on the status of a distribution in p3?
Who is PenChecks and why do you have my money?
PenChecks Plan Sponsor Toolkit
PenChecks Trust Company of America Client Agreement – Contains extensive details and guidelines regarding the client agreement between Plan Sponsor/TPA and PenChecks Trust
Statement of Services – Document highlighting the costs and fees for each service provided by PenChecks
DMP IRA Set up Letter Plan Non-Terminating – Letter template to send to your Plan Participants notifying them of their non-terminating plan. The document introduces PenChecks as their retirement plan processor and why their account balance has been transferred to PenCheck’s default IRA program. We have additional letters if your plan is terminating.
Distribution Bulk Upload Template – Document template for you to assist in listing multiple participant distributions. List will be bulk uploaded to P3 as opposed to being inputted individually by you.
Template for Participants Search Service – Tired of searching for Missing Participants? Use this template for listing out your missing participants and we’ll perform advanced searches on any former employees who may be lost or non-responsive.
Why do you have my money? – Short video that is addressed to your plan participants explaining who PenChecks is, why we have your money and how to submit your claim
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