Solving the Uncashed Checks Headache

Uncashed retirement checks represent a growing problem for the retirement industry and financial institutions in particular. And with the Department of Labor (DOL) stepping up its audit activity of retirement plans, it’s more important than ever to properly manage this issue.

Learn how uncashed checks grew into a billion-dollar problem for the retirement plan market and how you can protect your fiduciary interests by downloading our free white paper Resolving the Uncashed Pension Check Problem.

Comprehensive Missing Distributee™ Solutions

When it comes to safely managing uncashed checks, PenChecks Trust’s Missing Distributee™ service can save you time and money by helping to:

Our innovative services can relieve you of the administrative burden of this time- consuming process and help you resolve compliance issues.

TPAs and Plan Sponsors Play a Key Role

If you’re a retirement plan sponsor or TPA, you also have fiduciary responsibilities in regards to uncashed retirement checks. Download the white paper Resolving the Uncashed Pension Check Problem to learn how to ensure that uncashed checks from your plan don’t come back to haunt you.


Learn more about PenChecks Trust Missing Distributee™ Services.

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