Simplify Benefits Distribution

Sometimes the best way to understand the full value of PenChecks Trusts’ innovative retirement distribution solutions is to hear it from one of our clients.

Download our client case study to see how you can easily unload burdensome administrative tasks like filing 1099-R forms and tax withholdings for your clients.

We Reduce Your Administrative Workload

Kravitz, LLC is the largest independent firm of retirement plan consultants in California, serving more than 1,200 clients. Although known for providing superior design and administration of corporate retirement plans, the firm struggled with tedious administrative tasks like filing 1099-R forms and submitting federal and state withholding for its clients. The tipping point came when the IRS instituted new regulations that required tax payments to be submitted electronically.

Kravitz turned to PenChecks Trust, and we provided a turnkey solution that reduced total processing time by 15%, saving the company two full days of staff labor.

To learn how we assisted Kravitz in achieving such dramatic results, download the full case study today.


Learn more about how PenChecks Trust can simplify your retirement distribution processes.

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